Liar, Liar

Imagine hanging out with your closest friends from college in your friend’s garage. That’s Liars Bench Beer Company. Kick back with a beer, play some fooseball or get an intense game of corn hole going.

Liars Bench, which opened two weeks ago, features four beers on tap for tasting or fill up a growler to head home with. Right now there are four beers on tap: John Grady Kolsch, The Bitter Lad, The Little Carl Cottontail, and Shy Baby.

The crowd favorite seems to be the John Grady Kolsch. If you’re looking for a lighter beer with a touch of German hops then my man Mr. Grady is your go-to. The Bitter Lad, which Liars dubs as the “New English” beer offers more of a hoppy and bitter taste, hence the name. The Little Carl Cottontail offers a hoppier, fruity taste of citrus while the Shy Baby, the Grisette, is for the dark Saison fan. I’m more of a lighter beer fan, but I found myself downing my sample of Shy Baby.

The atmosphere is very laid back with sounds of Indie radio blaring through the speakers. On a nice day, the garage doors open to allow a patio-bar feel. Tucked away in Portsmouth’s West End, the brewery provides a nice break from the crazy, tourist-filled downtown. It’s also convenient that my friends live right across the street making it an easier stumble home. It was just the break my friends and I needed from the crowded Market Square Day on Saturday.

I’m looking forward to seeing this brewery expand into more drafts, distribution, and rumors of having a food menu eventually. This is definitely one of my new favorite places in Portsmouth.

Liars Bench Beer Company
459 Islington St.
Portsmouth, NH
Open: Wednesday-Thursday 12 p.m.- 8 p.m.
             Saturday- Sunday 12 p.m.- 10 p.m.

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