All(agash) I Want

One of the first beers that I ever fell in love with was the Allagash White. This Belgian white offers a very light and refreshing taste with hints of spice and orange peel.

This weekend I venturedĀ up to Portland to get behind the scenes of how the Allagash brewery works. Before the tour even started, everyone gathered in the beautiful tasting room and left and right people start handing you beers while you wait. One of these beers was one of Allagash’s newest brews: Little Brett. From the first sip, I was obsessed. It’s made up of all Mosaic hops with hints of pineapple. The perfect beer to enjoy on a hot summer day whether you’re at a cookout or hanging out at the decks. This is one of Allagash’s limited brews, which means I need toĀ find as many as I can and stock up on it!

As we entered the brewery, we entered the brewing room with wooden barrels in the middle covered in glasses of Allagash White, aka my dream. As we drank our Belgian beersĀ ,which makes up 75% of Allagash’s production, our guide walked us through the brewing process adding interesting fun facts like how Allagash brings the extra grains to local farms to feed cows and how some of their steel barrels were once part of the Ben and Jerry’s factory.

As we continued through the brewery, we were brought through the kegging/bottling room and finally to the small building which was the original brewery. In here, theĀ specialty beers are brewed and segregated from the rest. Adjacent to that is the wild barrel room filled with fermenting/aging beers in wooden barrels. I noticed many different flavors including, Sriracha, Avance, and Ghoulschip. This room also doubles as my favorite room, theĀ tasting room. We were able to sample Sixteen Counties, which has tastes of pine, clove, and malt and is amber in color named after the sixteen counties of Maine. Released that day, Hoppy Table Beer, as the name suggests,Ā is hopped with Chinook, Cascade, Comet, and Azacca hops, and dry hopped with more Comet and Azacca. Finally, the Black. Now, I’m not much of a Stout fan but I loved this beer. The coffee and dark chocolate flavors were nicely balanced without a overly-strong bitter taste.

I highly recommend visiting Allagash if you are up in the Portland area or in search of a great day trip. Aside from this brewery, Foundation brewery, which I will write about in another post and Austin Street Brewery are within a hundred feet of Allagash, creating a great beer neighborhood. The only downside of Allagash was that they are legally only allowed to let you taste four samples in their tasting room and only bottled/boxed beers can be bought, but on the other hand, who is going to complain about free beer?


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