Road Trip: Portland



Foundation Brewery


Just a few yards from Allagash Brewery, Foundation Brewery provides a great follow-up. It’s a small, but definitely growing brewery with a great sense of community and different tastes. While I was there I tried the Zuurzing and the Coco(nut) Pebbles. The Zuurzing is a sour farmhouse with a good balance of sweetness and tartness. I loved the Coco(nut) Pebbles. I am a coconut fiend and this stout perfectly captured the coconut and dark chocolate tastes. Since first visiting the brewery a year and a half ago, the brewery has added more barrels and is currently expanding their space. In the summer it’s the perfect spot to sit outside, enjoy a lobster roll and some samples or pints of some great beer. On the flipside of it Austin Street Brewery, which I wished we had time to visit. But next time!

Shipyard Brewery

Living in New England, you have probably had Shipyard at one point or another, especially as most people drool over the Pumpkinhead in the fall. For me, summertime with Shipyard is where it’s at, which was apparent as I filled out my tasting board of mostly fruity beers.Sunfish, Melonhead, and Blueberry are the epitome of fruity beers so naturally I headed for those and added in the Estival which is infused with tequila. Before tasting the Melonhead, Sunfish has always been my go-to summer beer. Filled with grapefuit and peach it’s the perfect refreshing beer on a hot day. After tasting the Melonhead, I may have a new favorite. From the first sip, I fell in love. Melonhead bursts with flavors of watermelon. I’m not the biggest blueberry beer fan but on occasion I like to indulge in the Seadog Blueberry. My favorite thing is when bars fill the glasses with real blueberries, which I wished the brewery did. Finally, anyone who knows me knows that tequila is my best friend. Of course, I was immediately drawn to the Estival which infuses tequila. It’s a great beer with a slight taste of tequila but it is far from overbearing. Ultimately, if you’re in the Portland area, shoot over to the Shipyard Brewery. They have the biggest selection of beers to taste and for me, I love the idea of these boards. If I were ever to open a brewery, this is how I would do it.

Liquid Riot

Liquid Riot, formerly known as In’finiti Distillery, has a little something for everyone. It doubles as a brewery and distillery and sits right on the water in the Old Port. As I walked into bar I was immediately drawn by the retro feel of the place even though I was rocking out to Beyonce at the same time. We didn’t get a chance to experience much of the distillery as we just stopped in for a bite to eat and a cold one. I tried the Zwicklebier, which is a German-style lager lightly hopped with Tettnang and Hersbrucker. German beers are the king of all beers in my opinion, sorry Budweiser. This was a great German lager which paired amazingly with my fish and chips. I definitely want to visit again and get more on the distillery side because everything I saw looked great!


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