#tbb Throwback Brewery


Ever wanted to hang out in a farmhouse with your favorite beers? That’s Throwback Brewery. Located at Hobbs Farm in North Hampton, this is one of my favorite brewery locations. Head inside the farmhouse to the bar and check out some flights or hang outside with the chickens, literally. Aside from the chickens, test your corn hole skills and hang with the cutest dogs in town. Back when I first moved up here, I used to pass by this farm before it was a brewery and I always knew it as the farm with the albino donkey, Jericho. Jericho has since passed but has lived on through Throwback Brewery.

Throwback, to me, stands out from all of the other breweries.The brewery prides itself on drinking local, as all of their ingredients come from 200 miles of the brewery, which is amazing! Another one of Throwback’s quirks is how your tab is assigned to your bobblehead. When you order, you can be Spiderman, Batman, The Dude.. the possibilities are endless.

One of Throwback’s biggest perks is their variety of beers. They have everything from stouts to pale ales to double IPAs. With all these choices, you have to get a flight, or two. Just like my previous post about having career aspirations of being a beer namer, Throwback’s are some of the most creative. The thing about She Sells Seashells is that when you can no longer say the name of the beer, you’ve probably had enough. But if you’re like me, you can barely say it to begin with. Once you get through the tongue twister, this blonde ale is very smooth with melon hints and a slight bite of lemon.

The Hefeweizen obsessed person I am, I always make sure to get at least a sample of Hog Happy Hefeweizen. The banana flavoring is a great balance for this wheat beer.  Aside from these two Brews, I needed a fruity taste. The Rhubarb Wit gives a nice fruity blast to a Belgain White. Picture a less crisp Allagash White with a slight rhubarb taste. Finally, of course, I headed for the highest alcohol percentage: 11.6% with the Not Too Shabbey. This beer is aged in a bourbon barrel and tastes like a malted lemon drop. In other words, dangerously good.

Last weekend, Throwback celebrated their fifth birthday and introduced a number of new summer beers that I can’t wait to try. The Buenos Grassias is  a blonde ale filled with local berries and lemongrass. The one I’m most excited to try is Watta Melon, a watermelon blonde ale.

Do yourself a favor,grab some friends and take a Saturday afternoon and spend it at Throwback. You wont regret it.


Throwback Brewery
7 Hobbs Rd
North Hampton, New Hampshire

Wednesday 4 p.m.-9p.m.
Thursday – Saturday 11 a.m.-9p.m.
Sunday 12 p.m.-7p.m.







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