Saturdays are for the Brews

After a week hiatus of living in a frat-beach house drinking watered down Miller Lites and PBRs playing flip and slip, it’s time to return to real beer. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like, inflatable slip and slide with flip cup on the end. Definitely not the kind of week to drink heavy IPAs while binge drinking for four days.

My first stop of regaining my craft beer street cred was Newburyport Brewing Co, which has been on my list for some time. I have had the Pale Ale many times before in cans and have always enjoyed it. This was no different at the brewery. This beer has great carbonation with a little bite at the end.

NBPT’s two IPAs, Melt Away and Green Head, were the core of the draft list. The Melt Away was a very hoppy, light beer which was the easier of the two IPAs for a non-IPA drinker. The Green Head, one of NBPT’s most popular beers, had a defined piney taste which overruns the taste buds. IPA lovers may kneel before the Green Head, but it was much too strong for me.

Finally, my go-to is the Belgain Ale. The Belgain was a smooth, cloudy beer which is definitely the most “drinkable” of the list. I was disappointed that the Kolsch was not available during my visit as it is one of my favorite types.

For a Saturday afternoon, the place was very calm but I could see this place filling up quickly as they have an indoor taproom with games as well as an outdoor lawn area. There is an area inside with bongos and drums and hosts live music every Friday night. Though there wasn’t any live music at the time, Stevie Nick’s smooth, sensual voice echoed through the brewery with some live recordings.

I’d recommend Newburyport Brewing Co as a pit stop if you’re heading to downtown Newburyport for the day/night. Check it out!


Newburyport Brewing Co
4 New Pasture Rd
Newburyport, MA

Thursday-Friday 3p.m.-9p.m.
Saturday 12 p.m.- 9p.m.
Sunday 12 p.m.-6p.m.



Slumming It

In the short amount of time that I’ve visited Somerville, I’ve come to love the little neighborhood culture and has become a great town for local breweries. Tucked behind one of these neighborhoods is Somerville Brewing, or SlumBrew. Though I can’t tell you how to get there because my Lyft driver drove in circles insisting he wasn’t lost (spoiler: he was).

Slumbrew’s atmosphere definitely fits in with the “neighborhood” vibe. With two locations, the brewery and the beer garden in Assembly Square, there’s enough beer to go ’round.

Like usual, I am drawn to the lighter beers. The first, Float, was a witbier with citrus lingering through this wheat beer. I could drink 5 of those and feel refreshed. The Happy Sol was definitely an interesting take on a Hefeweizen. Usually a cloudy, banana and clove beer, this Hefeweizen bases itself in blood oranges and wildflower. I’d consider this a hippie hef, if you ask me. Still good though. The second I saw Scooter on the menu I was excited. This strawberry wheat beer was the perfect beer to put a little life back into me after a day of brewery touring. I could not taste much of the strawberry but the hints of it added to the fresh taste of the beer.

Niles Crane, yes that Niles Crane, is a blonde ale, which was a smooth, simple beer. I may be naive but still trying to get the reference to the blonde ale. Gose the Destroyer had me at the name. Maybe because my friend and I are nerds and automatically think of Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer (most of you will have no idea what I’m talking about- but it used to be a great band). Anyways, back to beer. This sour beer was very tart with a pronounced hibiscus taste. Our wonderful waitress, who we ended up befriending because she was so nice, brought us some samples of Island Day, the IPA. I think as I’m reviewing more and more beers, I’m starting to appreciate the IPA alot more. This hazy beer explodes with flavors of pineapple and mango. That fruity aroma gets me every time.

Do yourself a favor, get the food. We got the Basil Pesto pizza and could have ordered two because it was so good. An hour later we were still drooling over how good that pizza (and beer!) were. I can’t wait to try the beer garden in Assembly Square next! Perfect excuse for a shopping and day drinking adventure.

Slumbrew – Somerville Brewery
15 Ward St
Somerville, MA

Monday- Wednesday 4pm-11pm
Thursday- Saturday 11am-12am
Sunday 11am-11pm



‘Naut Your Average Brewery

Winner for most pleasant surprise is definitely Aeronaut Brewing Company in Somerville!

The walk through the business park on the way to Aeronaut makes you start to wonder how cool could this brewery really be?

The second you walk in the door, you’re transported to a hip, beer wonderland. You’re met with sounds of a live band with horns blaring right in the middle of the beer barrels. People are playing Super Mario projected onto the wall for everyone to watch and groups of people are huddled around tables playing board games.  This is the place to be, I’ve finally realized.

My friends and I grab our flights of beer, rather Michelle grabs a giant platter of our beer samples, and we spot a back room with more seating. This wasn’t just any back room. It’s a factory of different businesses such as Somerville Chocolate and a coffee bar, neither of which were open as it was a Sunday afternoon but my woman senses know those smells anywhere! Then of course, the Aeronaut lab which looks like an actual science lab where beer magic is made.

Before coming to Aeronaut, I had never had any of their beers. So of course, I had to try one of everything because like I’ve said before, I’m drinking for your benefit and am willing to be the (drunk) lab rat. Someone has to, right? I dove right into the Summer in Cologne, the Kolsch, which was a nice, light, crisp beer. Like most Kolschs, this is a very drinkable beer for any kind of beer drinker. The Hop Hop and Away, as the name suggests, blasts with hints of hops but was on the lighter side. As someone who doesn’t drink alot of hoppy beers, I greatly enjoyed this one. A Year With Dr Nadu was the token IPA. This hazy amber beer surprises with a hint of grapefruit which makes it stand out from other IPAs. Finally was the Toasted Brown Ale. Something about sitting next to chocolate and coffee shops  while drinking this felt perfect as it had the ideal balance of both flavors.

If I lived closer to Somerville, I’d definitely make this one of my usual spots especially since I’m a sucker for Trivia, which they have on Tuesday nights. This place just had a cool, laid back vibe and felt like the perfect neighborhood spot.

Aeronaut Brewing Company
14 Tyler St
Somerville, MA

Tue – Thu: 5pm-midnight
Fri: 5pm-12:30am
Sat: noon-12:30am
Sun: noon-8pm








Hootie and the Night Shift


Over the past month or two, I have had a couple of people tell me that I needed to try Night Shift Brewing, saying that this is the kind of place that I’d like. Curiously, I looked into it and discovered their incredible flavors. After visiting, calling this place my favorite brewery would be an understatement.

My Night Shift flight is by FAR the best flight that I have had. Every single beer I tried, I fell in love with. I guess I understand how those guys on the Bachelorette can fall in love so quickly with someone they just met. But these beers won’t break your heart, just your bank account.

On the light end, I started with the Whirlpool, a refreshing, citrusy pale ale. It definitely tops my list of pale ales. Earlier this week I met up with my best friend in Boston to do some mid-week, mid-day drinking. She was the first person to introduce me to Night Shift and said that I NEEDED to try the Furth because of my Hefeweizen obsession. This was one of the best American made Hefeweizens that I have ever had. This cloudy wheat beer explodes with tastes of banana and orange. Of course I had to have a couple at the brewery and naturally leave with a four-pack of it. Another beer with hints of banana was the Kehl, which is my favorite type of beer to say: Zwickelbier. Yes, you just stopped to say it right? Finally, was the  Trifecta, a smooth, vanilla-aged Belgian pale ale.

The brewery itself is very spacious and the perfect spot to bring all of your friends. They have a large area inside as well as a patio out front. This weekend, there was a wedding and another wedding reception held there, which is so cool. Instead of having in-house food, they host a food truck of the day. In my opinion this is even better because it’s like there’s a new menu every time you visit!

Finding out about this place is a blessing and a curse. I will be taking many roadtrips down to Everett and might need to open up a credit card just for this or just pour all of my money on the counter and tell them to give me one of everything. Okay, my bank account will probably buy me one beer, who am I kidding.

So if you are heading into the city, stop by Everett on your way and visit Night Shift Brewing. It’s a hoot! (C’mon their logo is an owl; I had to be cheesy with that).


Night Shift Brewing
87 Santilli Highway
Everett, MA

Monday-Saturday 11-11p.m.
Sunday 11-6p.m.