Hootie and the Night Shift


Over the past month or two, I have had a couple of people tell me that I needed to try Night Shift Brewing, saying that this is the kind of place that I’d like. Curiously, I looked into it and discovered their incredible flavors. After visiting, calling this place my favorite brewery would be an understatement.

My Night Shift flight is by FAR the best flight that I have had. Every single beer I tried, I fell in love with. I guess I understand how those guys on the Bachelorette can fall in love so quickly with someone they just met. But these beers won’t break your heart, just your bank account.

On the light end, I started with the Whirlpool, a refreshing, citrusy pale ale. It definitely tops my list of pale ales. Earlier this week I met up with my best friend in Boston to do some mid-week, mid-day drinking. She was the first person to introduce me to Night Shift and said that I NEEDED to try the Furth because of my Hefeweizen obsession. This was one of the best American made Hefeweizens that I have ever had. This cloudy wheat beer explodes with tastes of banana and orange. Of course I had to have a couple at the brewery and naturally leave with a four-pack of it. Another beer with hints of banana was the Kehl, which is my favorite type of beer to say: Zwickelbier. Yes, you just stopped to say it right? Finally, was the  Trifecta, a smooth, vanilla-aged Belgian pale ale.

The brewery itself is very spacious and the perfect spot to bring all of your friends. They have a large area inside as well as a patio out front. This weekend, there was a wedding and another wedding reception held there, which is so cool. Instead of having in-house food, they host a food truck of the day. In my opinion this is even better because it’s like there’s a new menu every time you visit!

Finding out about this place is a blessing and a curse. I will be taking many roadtrips down to Everett and might need to open up a credit card just for this or just pour all of my money on the counter and tell them to give me one of everything. Okay, my bank account will probably buy me one beer, who am I kidding.

So if you are heading into the city, stop by Everett on your way and visit Night Shift Brewing. It’s a hoot! (C’mon their logo is an owl; I had to be cheesy with that).


Night Shift Brewing
87 Santilli Highway
Everett, MA

Monday-Saturday 11-11p.m.
Sunday 11-6p.m.



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