Saturdays are for the Brews

After a week hiatus of living in a frat-beach house drinking watered down Miller Lites and PBRs playing flip and slip, it’s time to return to real beer. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like, inflatable slip and slide with flip cup on the end. Definitely not the kind of week to drink heavy IPAs while binge drinking for four days.

My first stop of regaining my craft beer street cred was Newburyport Brewing Co, which has been on my list for some time. I have had the Pale Ale many times before in cans and have always enjoyed it. This was no different at the brewery. This beer has great carbonation with a little bite at the end.

NBPT’s two IPAs, Melt Away and Green Head, were the core of the draft list. The Melt Away was a very hoppy, light beer which was the easier of the two IPAs for a non-IPA drinker. The Green Head, one of NBPT’s most popular beers, had a defined piney taste which overruns the taste buds. IPA lovers may kneel before the Green Head, but it was much too strong for me.

Finally, my go-to is the Belgain Ale. The Belgain was a smooth, cloudy beer which is definitely the most “drinkable” of the list. I was disappointed that the Kolsch was not available during my visit as it is one of my favorite types.

For a Saturday afternoon, the place was very calm but I could see this place filling up quickly as they have an indoor taproom with games as well as an outdoor lawn area. There is an area inside with bongos and drums and hosts live music every Friday night. Though there wasn’t any live music at the time, Stevie Nick’s smooth, sensual voice echoed through the brewery with some live recordings.

I’d recommend Newburyport Brewing Co as a pit stop if you’re heading to downtown Newburyport for the day/night. Check it out!


Newburyport Brewing Co
4 New Pasture Rd
Newburyport, MA

Thursday-Friday 3p.m.-9p.m.
Saturday 12 p.m.- 9p.m.
Sunday 12 p.m.-6p.m.



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