Whoooo ‘Nose?

I’m always a fan of dressing for the occasion, but little did I know where I’d end up when I slipped into my owl dress and headed out on a random adventure. On a whim, I decided to head to Smuttynose Brewery last weekend and was surprised when I pulled up to find cars lining the streets. I soon found out that Smuttynose was having an owl festival celebrating their limited Orville beer and the On the Wing Raptor center, who released a hawk and an owl that they had been rehabbing during the event.

So here I am staring eye to eye with these beautiful birds wearing an owl print dress; yes, as nerdy as can be. So the next step obviously was to drink the owl beer. Orville, named for a barreled owl at the On the Wing Raptor Center, whose injuries inhibit him from returning to the wild so he stays with the organization helping to foster other birds as they prepare to head back into the wild. The beer itself is is an amazing saison/farmhouse ale hopped with Falconer’s Flight, which gives it a citrusy flavor. Orville was also created by Smuttlabs, Smuttynose’s beer laboratory where brewers experiment with different flavors.

Events like this, are one of the many reasons why I love Smuttynose Brewery. Their dedication to the community as well as charities/organizations make them a remarkable place. Aside from their work helping others, their recent LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification shows their dedication to the environment. They are only one of two (Sierra Nevada Brewery) to have this certification. They’ve taken trees that have been cut down on the property and turned them into tables for their restaurant next door, Hayseed, and all of the honey used for the restaurant is from bee hives on site.

Aside from having all of these inspiring qualities, the beer is great as well! One of their most notable beers is the Finestkind IPA. This light bodied beer is full of hops, hops, and more hops. The ultimate beer for the hoppy beer lover. My favorite of their beers is Hayseed. This is a summer saison with hints of lemon; perfect for a summer day. Vunderbar, which is not only fun to say, but great to drink. This German pilsner tastes of  grain and lemon.

If you’re looking for a fun place to spend an afternoon, check out Smuttynose in Hampton. Go for a brewery tour, play some corn hole and grab some food at Hayseed. Smuttynose has it all.


Smuttynose Brewery
105 Towle Farm Rd
Hampton, NH



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