Everybody Must Get Stone(Face)d



Stoneface Brewery is where dreams come true. Not only do they have a great selection of beers to taste, but I got to drink them while hanging with the chillest dog around, brewery black lab Jack. I never said I had big dreams.

Small, but filled with alot of great quirks, Stoneface  allows drinkers to taste any and all of their 8 beers on tap or fill up a growler or two to bring home to enjoy while watching football all day on Sunday.

Now it may be a weird thing to say, but I judge a lot of places by their bathroom. Stoneface’s was one of the coolest ones that I have ever seen. The walls are completely covered in the world’s best memes ranging from Roger Goodell bashing to Michael Scott’s ridiculous quotes, and everything in between. I could have spent all day in there reading them all but people may have started to think things. Another one of Stoneface’s cool quirks was the visitor maps. There, people are able to pin where they’re from. What started as a map of the States has a side section of countries people have come to the brewery from. It was cool to see people traveling from Laos, France, and even Australia!

Keeping with the world traveler theme, the brewery imports hops from different countries. Pull Start, the Blonde Ale, was a light, German-hopped golden ale with different hints of melon. Traveling west of the U.S, the Oated Ella features Australian hops making this cloudy beer better than shrimp on the barbie (Sorry, I had to). Coming back locally, much like my beloved Allagash Little Brett, Blip bursts with Mosaic hops giving it a light, hoppy taste. The perfect IPA for non-IPA lovers. Summer Vice, the Berliner Weisse, was very tart and a little tough on the taste buds. Going darker and hoppier, the APA, American Pale Ale, was very smooth and light with just the right amount of hoppiness. If you want to go even hoppier, the IPA takes citrus notes  with an “irresponsible” amount of hops, as Stoneface describes.

Stoneface is a great pitstop either on your way to Portsmouth or for the legal UNH students , hit it up on your way to campus. If you can’t make it to the brewery, pick up some bottles at your grocery or beer store. It’s definitely worth it!


Stoneface Brewery
436 Shattuck Way, Unit 6
Newington, NH

Monday- Saturday 12 p.m.-7p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m.-2p.m.




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