Takin’ It To The (Austin) Street

So  you’ve taken the tour at Allagash and stopped into Foundation Brewery for some tasters… what now? The third stop on this mini brewery crawl is hiding on the backside of Foundation: Austin Street Brewery. The first time I came to Allagash and Foundation, I missed Austin Street and kicked myself everyday watching their Instagrams. Their beer just looked SO good! This time, this was a must try.

Austin Street is a great stop, especially in the summer as it has the outdoor seating with giant Jenga. Hopefully, beers are the only things you’ll be knocking back.  Though, I usually knock it down soberly anyways. If you get lucky, one of Portland’s best food trucks will be parked outside on any given day.

Patina, the America Pale Ale, was a light, crisp beer that anyone could enjoy. It’s a little hoppy but nothing compared to the DDH Patina. As the name suggests, it’s the double hopped version of the  tame Patina. This was one of the hoppiest beers that I have ever had. Good, but don’t think I  could have a couple of them in a sitting. The Florens reminded me of one of my newest favorite beers, Allagash’s Little Brett. Made with similar Mosaic hops, this brew has a bite and a little spice. Full of flavor!

My idea of a great Saturday, or Sunday Funday, is doing this little brewery crawl down Industrial Way then heading into town. Don’t make the same mistake I did the first time; don’t forget Austin Street Brewery! It may be small, but their beers are top-notch. As there weren’t many options on tap, I’m excited to go back and taste what else Austin Street is brewing!


Austin Street Brewery
1 Industrial Way, Suite 8
Portland, ME

Thursday 3p.m.-7p.m.
Friday, Saturday 12p.m.-7p.m.
Sunday 12p.m.-5p.m.



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