(Ip)Swich It Up


Ipswich Brewery may be celebrating 25 years of brewing this year, but the taproom/restaurant opened earlier last year inviting new craft beer drinkers in as they are adding more and more flavors.

Ipswich definitely gets award for most creative tap as it’s on a side of a van. The brewery itself is a laid back environment and is more of a restaurant/brewery combo. Each table along the walls have windows into the brewery so people can drink their beers while viewing where the magic happens.

The flight tree was one of the most creative displays that I have seen. The iBelge, a Farmhouse Ale, shined with a smooth, citrus tang which made it very drinkable. The Blueberry Shandy was a great combination of two ordinarily great beers into one. The slight blueberry taste mixed with a zesty lemon hint. The S.I.P.A, or Session IPA, mixed two of my favorite hops, Ella and Mosiac, into a beautiful IPA. Finally, the Hop Harvest focused on the Ella Hops giving it a citrus/grapefruit taste.

I’ll definitely be taking a trip back to Ipswich Brewery to experience more of the brewery and try out their menu as I was on a liquid hopped diet that day. From what I saw and smelled, the food looked great! It has to be if it’s anything like their beers.


Ipswich Brewery
2 Brewery Pl
Ipswich, MA

Monday-Saturday 11a.m.-11p.m.
Sunday 12 p.m.-11 p.m.



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