Whatever Floats Your Moat


Tucked away in the beautiful White Mountains, you’ll find one of the best breweries in New Hampshire. Everything about this brewery screams northern New Hampshire. I mean with a view like that, Moat definitely is the most scenic brewery.

As for the beers, Moat’s flights are like a long gondola to the top of the mountain. The Square Tail Stout was one of the most drinkable stouts I’ve ever had. The coffee notes were perfectly balanced with chocolate.  Bone Shaker Brown is the next level down with a light, caramel taste for a brown ale. The IPA, East Intervale IPA, blasts with floral and citrus tastes. Such a great IPA! I need to find more. Iron Mike Pale Ale, unlike the name suggests, is a much tamer pale ale with crisp grapefruit hues.

Moving to the lighter of the brews, the Czech Pilsner is very light bodied and crisp beer that would be best for anyone looking for their everyday beer that they can crack open. As far as blueberry beers go, I’ve never really gotten into them, until Miss V’s Blueberry. I was renting a beach house with some friends over the summer and my friend said I needed to try it. Before I knew it, I was asking for more and more of it. I was addicted. Even as snow covered the ground, this still tastes just like summer. It’s nice to pretend when you’re wrapped in a million layers, right? With a name like Hell Yeah! Helles Lager, you know this is going to be a good beer. Like the Pilsner, the Helles Lager is the perfect beer for the regular beer drinker. Finally, the Hoffman Weiss was perfect with hints of banana and cloves in this cloudy unfiltered beer. Heaven in a glass.

Much like heading down the mountain, you want to head back up and do it all over again. And much like me trying to snowboard, because admittedly I’ve never skied, I’m hurting halfway down the second time. Yeah, I’m more of the sit in the lodge and drink kind of girl.

Judging by the size of the flights, you’d expect their food menu to be the same. Wrong, it was more. I could spend days there because there was so many different things I wanted to try. But let me tell you, get the Hush Puppies. THE BEST. I’m craving them so bad as I write this.


Moat Mountain
3378 White Mountain Highway Rt 16
North Conway, NH

Open 11 a.m. til “Last Call”



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