Oxes and Bows


Oxbow Brewery has long been a staple on my to-do list and knew it had to be a stop on my next Portland beer tour as I try to hit at least 3 of them while I’m in the area. There’s just so many in that area!

The brewery’s flagship beer, Farmhouse Pale Ale, ended up being my favorite beer that I tried. The traditional Saison style had just the right amount of hops which made for a smooth, drinkable beer. The common theme I discovered among the tap list was the European influence. This was definitely apparent in Luppolo, the Italian-style Pilsner. This dry , light bodied lager had a smoke-like aftertaste. Though I have to admit, I do not know much about Italian Pilsners.

The Original Deluxe, the Biere de Garde (or the American equivalent, Pale Ale), was conditioned with Brettanomyces, which are like the wild type of yeasts used to preserve the beer for longer periods of time. Finally, the best named beer, Space Cowboy. Probably because unlike the older generation or sane-minded people think of the Steve Miller band, I automatically think of NSYNC. Yiyiyi-yipee-yi-yay. Anyways, ignore the fact that I sound like a boy-band obsessed teenager trying to write about beer. The beer itself, has a tiny bite to it. The final stop on the European tour, Space Cowboy, was a dry French-style Farmhouse Ale.

Oxbow’s greatness is too large to be contained to just one brewery. I visited the bottling location which is hidden in the backroads of Portland. The tasting room is surrounded by barrels of fermenting beer and seems like a great place to bring some friends before heading deeper into downtown. The other location, Newcastle, ME, is the traditional brewery located in a farmhouse. I can’t wait to see that location as well. Plus, it’s an excuse to get more Oxbow beer.


Oxbow Brewery (Bottling)
49 Washington Ave,
Portland, ME

Oxbow Brewery
274 Jones Woods Rd
Newcastle, ME

Vary by location





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