For the Trill of It All

To me, walking into Trillium is like walking into beer heaven. When it comes to beers, Trillium is like the Aston Martin.There’s a reason why they were just named third best brewery in the world. Other than their reputation and popularity, you can tell how good it is just by the long line outside before they even open.

I don’t think I’ve ever loved a beer quite like I love DDH Melcher St. The citrus flavor is beyond anything that I’ve ever had. With fruits like pineapple, nectarine, melon and surprisingly enough, contained a hint of green onion. The best part about it is how it’s double dry hopped with Mosaic hops. Β The first sip nearly knocked me off my bar stool with how good it was. I’m still having dreams about it. On the Pale Ale side, Fort Point has to be the best Pale Ale I’ve ever had. It’s citrusy, crisp, and full of flavor. Just the smell of this beer is enough to make it great. Trillium’s two other DIPAs, Mettle and Vicinity, round a perfect tap list including many different sours, though I can’t quite get into the emerging sour scene. Mettle has a more subdued taste compared to Melcher St, but still delivers with great dry, bitter, citrus flavors. Vicinity, on the other hand, has a little more bite to it.

Food wise, Trillum has an area inside that vendors can set up at. For example Sunday they had a bagel vendor and those looked so good. If we hadn’t stopped at the famous Kane’s Donuts on the way down, I would have been all over that. Especially since living in New Hampshire doesn’t give the best options for bagels.

Trillium also gets big thumbs up for being very dog friendly. Like I’ve said before, any chance to drink beer and play with dogs is what Clark Griswold would call the “motherland, Russ”.

The greatness of Trillum couldn’t be contained to one location with a taproom in Canton, MA and a can/bottle/growler location in Fort Point in Boston. I’m already looking forward to another trip down this weekend to get more!


Trillium Brewery (Taproom)
110 Shawmut Rd
Canton, MA

Retail Shop
369 Congress St
Boston, MA

Varies by location







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