About Hopping Around New England

Here goes nothing. After a long hiatus from the writing world I have decided to get back into what I love. The thought of it was somewhat scary to me but it’s like Gronk spiking a football after a long drive. You forgot how good it feels to succeed and reaching that goal after running from ten 250 pound men. Okay, maybe not that last part.

Here’s a little about me before we get to the fun, interesting things. I’m a 26 year old Seacoast transplant trying to enjoy everything that this area has to offer. One of the biggest changes that I’ve noticed between the Seacoast and my home in Rhode Island, is the explosion of craft beer. After moving up here, I’ve become obsessed with all of these different places and beers. I figure if I’m going to write about anything, it might as well be something that I am passionate about and something that I spend most of my days doing.

Coming from Rhode Island, their idea of “beer” is a cold Narragansett. Don’t get me wrong, I love a Del’s Shandy more than anyone but there’s more to the art of beer than ‘Gansetts. My idea of the perfect day is heading out to a new brewery and trying everything there is to offer and see what makes different breweries have their own identity. Some people are “foodies,” I guess i’m a “brewie?” We’ll work on that title more.


So here I go jumping back into the writing world drinking, and most of the time drunk. Maybe someone will read it, maybe not but who cares. It’s about doing what you love and if you inspire people along the way it’s a great bonus. Cheers!