So (Re) Me

Tucked in the back of a parking lot on Rt. 1 in York, ME, sits a small brewery with a lot of character and a lot of flavor. SoMe Brewery is a Rt 1 hidden gem. Blink and you may miss it.

This small taproom feels like a great community of people meeting up to grab beers or hanging out at the tables outside. Some nights there’s music and some nights there’s comedy. There’s always something going on at SoMe. If not, there’s always the fooseball table or test out your artistic skills on the giant chalkboard.

The first beer that caught my eye was the Whoopie Pie Stout. I’m not much of a stout person, but i definitely am a Whoopie Pie person. This stout was very light with a slight crisp bite to it. The chocolate, cream notes mixed perfectly for this smooth “dessert-like” beer. I had previously had the Apostrophe IPA and have to say, this is my favorite beer from SoMe. The mosaic hops give it a citrusy, bitter taste which makes for a nice refreshing, hazy brew. The Mainely Pale Ale is a true Maine beer as it all locally sourced ingredients giving it an earthy taste. The El Dorado, as the name suggests, is hopped with El Dorardo, which isn’t my favorite type of hop but this beer was pretty good. To me, El Dorado hops are a more bitter and deeper tasting hop rather than a light, citrus type that I enjoy. Finally the Crystal Persuasion was the DIPA. This DIPA tastes of a spice and pine and a malty undertone.

This a great place to stop and grab a beer or two on your way up to Portland or down to Portsmouth.  If you’re not looking to go far, grab a flight on your way back from a long day battling the tourists at the beaches. Because we all know we need a couple after dealing with them, nevermind their driving abilities. The staff is always so nice and it feels more like a community than anything.


SoMe Brewery
1 York St, Unit 3
York, ME

Open daily at 12



The Maine Course

Maine Beer Co. is the epitome of environmental breweries. From the large solar panels covering the roof and the donations to programs benefiting the Earth. They also pick a new foundation every month to donate to. They currently have a beer, King Titus, which proceeds are donated to the Gorilla Fund. This little farmhouse type brewery is great to hang outside in warmer weather but the inside has a great window into the brew house.

Aside from the environmental perks, their beer stays true to the environment. One of my favorite IPAs is their Lunch. Yes, it does get confusing when you tell people how much you love Lunch. This IPA has a dry, pine taste. Definitely a well-rounded beer full of flavor. If you want to kick it up a notch, there’s the insanely sought after Dinner. Dinner, is the DIPA of Lunch. Good luck getting your hands on this outside of on tap at the brewery. When this beer is for sale, you have to get tickets. Either way, Lunch and Dinner is a perfect liquid diet, just missing breakfast.

Aside from Lunch, Woods and Water was amazing. This IPA has the perfect balance of pine and citrus. With a light, crisp taste, this beer gives Lunch a run for its money in my opinion. Finally, Peeper, another Piney IPA, but with a berry taste. This smooth beer is a great compliment to the citrus IPAs.

No matter what you get at Maine Beer Co., you can’t go wrong. Amazing beer from a great brewery that prides itself on doing what’s right for the world. Drinking great beer and helping the world, now that’s the American dream.


Maine Beer Co.
525 U.S. Rt 1
Freeport, ME

Monday-Saturday 11 a.m.- 8 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m.-5 p.m.


Marky Mark and the Funky Bow



Ok so there’s no Mark Wahlberg but definitely a whole lotta funkiness. Funky Bow Brewery is like a secret farm party in the middle of the woods with a big greenhouse tent, live bands, and of course, beer.

If you plan to go on Friday or Saturday nights, beware. All five parking lots can fill up making it an adventure to find a spot. Since the first lot was full, we had to make the trek up a long hill. No one told me drinking involved working out. But it was so worth it.  The first thing I noticed was dogs running around everywhere. I knew this was going to be a great time.

Head inside the tent and you’ll find bands jamming out, a small rustic bar, tables lining the sides, and a pizza stone. A full on folk party.

Not only is the brewery fun, but so are the beer names. G String, which can be taken any way you’d like, is a light IPA with a slight bite. So Folkin’ Hoppy is more earthy IPA with hints of pine balanced with a slight grapefruit taste. My favorite had to be Citra, though. As the name suggests, this beer is packed with citrus and is a very drinkable beer. Perfect for the summer.

I’m excited to head back as the weather gets nicer. This is the place to be, I’m telling you. Grab some friends (or just their dog) and join the party. I’d definitely name this place Maine’s best kept secret.


Funky Bow Brewery
21 Ledgewood Ln
Lyman, ME

Friday-Saturday 1p.m.-9p.m.
Sunday 1p.m.-5p.m.


I Pity the Fool…


…Who gets in between me and beer.

Getting to Foolproof Brewery isn’t the easiest task. Picture your worst nightmare. You can see the brewery but a barbed wire fence stands between you and beer.

This was my reality.

Word to the wise. Do not listen to your GPS. A lesson learned when Michael Scott drove into that pond on that episode of the Office.

Once you outsmart your GPS, you’re greeted by a small taproom for Lil’ Rhody’s most popular brewery, which may soon be overthrown by Narragansett’s triumphant return home. Either case, Foolproof has had a great variety and some unique beers on tap.

The culture behind Foolproof’s beer names comes from how your beer should be enjoyed. The Backyahd IPA is a slightly hoppy bitter beer meant to be had while lounging around at a cookout or reading a book out on the porch. The best of the bunch has to be La Ferme Urbaine, the farmhouse saison. With a slight spice kick, I could drink this beer all day. Lab series was the IPA for beginners. It’s lightly hopped with pineapple hints. I heard people in the brewery discussing how they do not like IPA’s but this was up their alley.

If you’re looking for something new and unique, Foolproof has a couple of must-try beers. The Peanut Butter Raincloud is a porter with a very light and airy peanut butter taste. The most unique, though, has to be the Shuckolate. Think of the two things in the food world that you would never put together, oysters and chocolate. Though the beer definitely tastes of a chocolate stout, you would never guess that it has oysters. But maybe that’s a good thing.

The taproom is small but full of character. The barrels are each named after famous fools in history, like Larry, Moe, and Shemp. I really hope to see this brewery expand over the next couple of years. I had seen them at different beer festivals and was glad to finally make it in to visit.


Foolproof Brewery
241 Grotto Ave
Pawtucket, RI

Thursday-Friday 4p.m.-7 p.m.
Saturday -Sunday 1 p.m.- 6p.m.




Irish You Were Beer

I’ve talked in the past about the Germans perfecting beer, but there’s another country that give them a run for their money: The Irish. Spoken as true Irish woman myself, we know beer. So does Beara Irish Brewing Co in Portsmouth, NH.

You may not notice the brewery at first as you’re driving down Rt 1 in Portsmouth, but you may see a big sign on the side of the road that just says “beer.” I mean, who doesn’t stop for that? Judging by the packed, small taproom, many others share this view. Tucked in the corner of a plaza surrounded by nail salons and Asian restaurants, you would not expect to find great beer here. But that’s what makes Beara a hidden gem.

I had, had some Beara in the past, most notably the Hefeweizen but had never visited the taproom. After seeing them hype up their newest beer, Cake By the Ocean, I knew I had to go. Cake By the Ocean is a java porter jam packed with Oreos. As I have never seen an Oreo beer before, I knew I had to try it. This beer definitely did not disappoint.  This dessert beer is not overpowered with the Oreo taste but rather compliments the chocolate base. Order the beer as a pint, and you have the option to make it into a beer float with ice cream. I ended up taking a couple bottles of it home to make these, because who doesn’t like beer and ice cream? I know, it sounds weird, but this beer makes it work. If you want to try it, you may want to head in sooner than later because who knows how much longer they’ll have it but it has definitely been in demand in talking with others in the taproom.

Continuing with the unique flavors that Beara offers, is a Buffalo beer. Before you even take a sip, the smell of Buffalo sauce fills your nose. On the first sip this tastes like a tame red ale. On second sip, the buffalo kicks in. Unique beer that’s worth a try. I had been a fan of Beara’s Hefeweizen in the past as it’s a crisp and banana and clove flavored hazy beer. Finally was Survivor, the Pale Ale. This beer is awesome because it is part of a collaboration between Beara and Rising Sons Brewery in Cork, Ireland. The beer itself is not as dry as a normal pale ale and is more amber in color.

If you’re tired of the typical beers, definitely check out Beara Irish Brewing. But watch out, this place gets very crowded and is very small. Check out the schedule too as they usually have some type of irish music playing in the taproom.



Beara Irish Brewing Co
2800 Lafayette Rd
Portsmouth, NH

Thursday-Friday 5p.m.-8p.m.
Saturday 1 p.m.-8p.m.
Sunday 1p.m.-6 p.m.



For the Trill of It All

To me, walking into Trillium is like walking into beer heaven. When it comes to beers, Trillium is like the Aston Martin.There’s a reason why they were just named third best brewery in the world. Other than their reputation and popularity, you can tell how good it is just by the long line outside before they even open.

I don’t think I’ve ever loved a beer quite like I love DDH Melcher St. The citrus flavor is beyond anything that I’ve ever had. With fruits like pineapple, nectarine, melon and surprisingly enough, contained a hint of green onion. The best part about it is how it’s double dry hopped with Mosaic hops.  The first sip nearly knocked me off my bar stool with how good it was. I’m still having dreams about it. On the Pale Ale side, Fort Point has to be the best Pale Ale I’ve ever had. It’s citrusy, crisp, and full of flavor. Just the smell of this beer is enough to make it great. Trillium’s two other DIPAs, Mettle and Vicinity, round a perfect tap list including many different sours, though I can’t quite get into the emerging sour scene. Mettle has a more subdued taste compared to Melcher St, but still delivers with great dry, bitter, citrus flavors. Vicinity, on the other hand, has a little more bite to it.

Food wise, Trillum has an area inside that vendors can set up at. For example Sunday they had a bagel vendor and those looked so good. If we hadn’t stopped at the famous Kane’s Donuts on the way down, I would have been all over that. Especially since living in New Hampshire doesn’t give the best options for bagels.

Trillium also gets big thumbs up for being very dog friendly. Like I’ve said before, any chance to drink beer and play with dogs is what Clark Griswold would call the “motherland, Russ”.

The greatness of Trillum couldn’t be contained to one location with a taproom in Canton, MA and a can/bottle/growler location in Fort Point in Boston. I’m already looking forward to another trip down this weekend to get more!


Trillium Brewery (Taproom)
110 Shawmut Rd
Canton, MA

Retail Shop
369 Congress St
Boston, MA

Varies by location






Oxes and Bows


Oxbow Brewery has long been a staple on my to-do list and knew it had to be a stop on my next Portland beer tour as I try to hit at least 3 of them while I’m in the area. There’s just so many in that area!

The brewery’s flagship beer, Farmhouse Pale Ale, ended up being my favorite beer that I tried. The traditional Saison style had just the right amount of hops which made for a smooth, drinkable beer. The common theme I discovered among the tap list was the European influence. This was definitely apparent in Luppolo, the Italian-style Pilsner. This dry , light bodied lager had a smoke-like aftertaste. Though I have to admit, I do not know much about Italian Pilsners.

The Original Deluxe, the Biere de Garde (or the American equivalent, Pale Ale), was conditioned with Brettanomyces, which are like the wild type of yeasts used to preserve the beer for longer periods of time. Finally, the best named beer, Space Cowboy. Probably because unlike the older generation or sane-minded people think of the Steve Miller band, I automatically think of NSYNC. Yiyiyi-yipee-yi-yay. Anyways, ignore the fact that I sound like a boy-band obsessed teenager trying to write about beer. The beer itself, has a tiny bite to it. The final stop on the European tour, Space Cowboy, was a dry French-style Farmhouse Ale.

Oxbow’s greatness is too large to be contained to just one brewery. I visited the bottling location which is hidden in the backroads of Portland. The tasting room is surrounded by barrels of fermenting beer and seems like a great place to bring some friends before heading deeper into downtown. The other location, Newcastle, ME, is the traditional brewery located in a farmhouse. I can’t wait to see that location as well. Plus, it’s an excuse to get more Oxbow beer.


Oxbow Brewery (Bottling)
49 Washington Ave,
Portland, ME

Oxbow Brewery
274 Jones Woods Rd
Newcastle, ME

Vary by location