I Am Silvaticus


When I walked into Brewery Silvaticus in Amesbury, MA on a Sunday afternoon, I did not expect to see a completely full taproom. Word has gotten out about one of the area’s newest breweries and people are definitely digging it.

The taproom itself feels very industrial and I love the fact that you can drink right next to the tanks, watching the process come full circle.

Now you can’t get a flight here but they have a taplist of about ten beers that you can spend the afternoon trying. Specializing in Belgian and German beers, Silvaticus perfects traditional styles.

The Vig was an Indian Pale Lager with the right amount of hopiness and citrus flavor. The combination of Mosaic hops with El Dorado cuts down the fruity flavor to a more subdued hint. Southern Bullet was a New Zealand Pale Lager with hints of melon and peach.

Though I didn’t get to try as many of their beers as I would have liked, that just means there’s more reason for another trip there. In warmer weather, there is a side patio to enjoy some outside beers.

Brewery Silvaticus
9 Water St
Amesbury, MA



Have a Blast(y Bough)



I have never had more of a welcoming and home-like feeling at a brewery than I did at Blasty Bough Brewing. Yeah, say that five times fast. Opened just in February, this brewery is already making a name for itself at McClary Hill Farm in Epsom, NH.

Dave, the owner, is a jack of all trades. He built the brewery (which was meant to be a farm store), brews all of the beer, and he’s the guy pouring the beer. On top of that, Dave is the one that sets that welcoming feeling the minute you walk in.

With a U-shaped bar, it’s easy to start conversations with other people at the bar and everyone in the brewery ends up talking to each other.

Aside from a great atmosphere, the beers are incredible as well.

The Farmer’s Alchemy was one of the best saisons I’ve ever had. The complexity of it definitely made it stand out. In one sip you could have a little tartness, some spice, and a little sweetness. Isabella McCoy’s Choice, a robust porter, had an underlying smokiness to compliment a roasted chocolate malt. The Echo Valley Alt was a very light and refreshing beer. The 1933 was a traditional kolsch with a great crisp and slight spice. Tiny Trailer Pale would make the perfect beer for a hot summer day as the juiciness was very refreshing. Boonie Cruiser IPA was a NE IPA with bursts of tropical notes and a slight bitterness. Finally, the Fort Mountain DIPA had a perfect balance of floral and citrus hops lending to a sweet and bitter taste. In all, this flight was very solid and impressive for a brewery that just opened its doors.

As I left the brewery, I just kept telling my boyfriend how much I just loved this place and the vibe. I’ve never felt more at home at a brewery (and believe me, I go to A LOT). In the summer months, they’re hoping to open their decks to enjoy the beautiful farmland. You’ll definitely find me out there relaxing with some great beers.


Blasty Bough Brewing Co
3 Griffin Rd
Epsom, NH



Let’s Hit the Bar(n)


I don’t think any brewery’s name depicts itself as well as Tilted Barn Brewery in Exeter, RI. Make your way up a long winding driveway until you reach a legit barn on a farm, but really, with a name like that, what else were you expecting?

I have to say this was one of the most unique and cozy taprooms that I have ever been to. Head inside the barn to find a two-story taproom where you huddle up with your friends, moreso in the winter, and drink some great beer.

Don’t let the little barn fool you, though. Tiled Barn has some of the best beers in Rhode Island. The Chosen One, no not Tom Brady, is a DIPA bursting with grapefruit, peach, and grassy notes in a dank colored juice bomb. This DIPA was very drinkable and didn’t drink as strongly as a DIPA. Violet, an IPA, like the name suggests, is a floral IPA which is balanced with some citrus hints. Every sip is as smooth as the last. Finally, my favorite had to be Cactus. This hazy DIPA was packed of papaya and mango taste and each sip was better than the next.

If you’re in the Rhode Island area, Tilted Barn Brewery is a must stop. The beer is great and the atmosphere is so unique. Just beware, bundle up on a cold day because it gets a little chilly in there and people huddle around the heater. But drink enough beer and heat won’t be an issue.


Tilted Barn Brewery
1 Hemsley Pl
Exeter, RI


Pining for Flight-skis



There’s a reason that I make trips up to Portland almost weekly now: the breweries. Every week I’m learning about the next big thing in Portland and Lone Pine is no exception.

Once you step into the small brick building, you’re transformed into a little ski lodge with tables, couches, and lots of beer. If you’re lucky, hit it on a Sunday and RedZone will also be playing.

Lone Pine, by far, has my favorite flight vessel that I’ve seen so far. Made from old skis, these flights are a lot better than those awful shot-skis that I could never reach in college.

Their beers are some of the smoothest and most flavorful around. The Portland Pale Ale was packed full of citrus flavor and very smooth and clear. Brightside IPA is dank and full of tropical notes. The most prominent to me was a strong papaya taste.

The Kiwi Cannon was one of my favorite beers that I’ve had recently. This IPA was very creamy in color and had a light kiwi hint that was not too overpowering. Finally, Tessellation was an impressive DIPA. Brewed with Mosaics, this DIPA takes on a great deal of mango and citrus taste, but there’s a slight hint of a blueberry which created a interesting flavor.

I’m already looking forward to my next trip to Lone Pine for some more flight-skis.


Lone Pine
219 Anderson St
Portland, ME



Head for the Hill(Farmstead)


Like Trillium of Mass or Bissell of Maine, Hill Farmstead is the god of Vermont, though some argue that it’s the Alchemist.

For Alchemist’s Heady Topper, there’s a number of stores that carry it, but if you want Hill Farmstead you have to make the trek up into the middle of nowhere in the mountains. Sometimes driving down dirt roads, you wonder if you’re ever going to hit brewery heaven.
But let me tell you, it’s worth it. If you’re anything like the people I saw, you take your cooler and make it worth your while. There are two separate houses whether you want growlers/pours or cans/bottles to spread out wait times. Like a deli, take a number and wait for your number to be called. But this isn’t deli meat, it’s the best beer around.

My boyfriend doesn’t get jealous when I say that I’m in love with Edward. And no this isn’t some lame Twilight reference. The Edward Pale Ale is what dreams are made of. You take one sip of this and you’re in heaven. The smooth light hazy feel for the beer will send you into oblivion.

My girl Susan, on the other hand, is an American IPA with a dank, tropical/melon taste. Three Magic Letters, another IPA, has more of a grapefruit taste than Susan and is just so smooth. Not sure of those Three Magic Letters are O-M-G or Y-U-M; either way this beer is awesome.

If you’re unable to make it to the brewery itself, there are some hotspots around Burlington that carry Hill Farmstead on their menus. I’ve had it at Prohibition Pig in Waterbury and Farmhouse Tap House in downtown Burlington.


Hill Farmstead
403 Hill Road
Greensboro, VT

Wednesday-Saturday 12p.m.-5p.m.


Marky Mark and the Funky Bow



Ok so there’s no Mark Wahlberg but definitely a whole lotta funkiness. Funky Bow Brewery is like a secret farm party in the middle of the woods with a big greenhouse tent, live bands, and of course, beer.

If you plan to go on Friday or Saturday nights, beware. All five parking lots can fill up making it an adventure to find a spot. Since the first lot was full, we had to make the trek up a long hill. No one told me drinking involved working out. But it was so worth it.  The first thing I noticed was dogs running around everywhere. I knew this was going to be a great time.

Head inside the tent and you’ll find bands jamming out, a small rustic bar, tables lining the sides, and a pizza stone. A full on folk party.

Not only is the brewery fun, but so are the beer names. G String, which can be taken any way you’d like, is a light IPA with a slight bite. So Folkin’ Hoppy is more earthy IPA with hints of pine balanced with a slight grapefruit taste. My favorite had to be Citra, though. As the name suggests, this beer is packed with citrus and is a very drinkable beer. Perfect for the summer.

I’m excited to head back as the weather gets nicer. This is the place to be, I’m telling you. Grab some friends (or just their dog) and join the party. I’d definitely name this place Maine’s best kept secret.


Funky Bow Brewery
21 Ledgewood Ln
Lyman, ME

Friday-Saturday 1p.m.-9p.m.
Sunday 1p.m.-5p.m.


I Pity the Fool…


…Who gets in between me and beer.

Getting to Foolproof Brewery isn’t the easiest task. Picture your worst nightmare. You can see the brewery but a barbed wire fence stands between you and beer.

This was my reality.

Word to the wise. Do not listen to your GPS. A lesson learned when Michael Scott drove into that pond on that episode of the Office.

Once you outsmart your GPS, you’re greeted by a small taproom for Lil’ Rhody’s most popular brewery, which may soon be overthrown by Narragansett’s triumphant return home. Either case, Foolproof has had a great variety and some unique beers on tap.

The culture behind Foolproof’s beer names comes from how your beer should be enjoyed. The Backyahd IPA is a slightly hoppy bitter beer meant to be had while lounging around at a cookout or reading a book out on the porch. The best of the bunch has to be La Ferme Urbaine, the farmhouse saison. With a slight spice kick, I could drink this beer all day. Lab series was the IPA for beginners. It’s lightly hopped with pineapple hints. I heard people in the brewery discussing how they do not like IPA’s but this was up their alley.

If you’re looking for something new and unique, Foolproof has a couple of must-try beers. The Peanut Butter Raincloud is a porter with a very light and airy peanut butter taste. The most unique, though, has to be the Shuckolate. Think of the two things in the food world that you would never put together, oysters and chocolate. Though the beer definitely tastes of a chocolate stout, you would never guess that it has oysters. But maybe that’s a good thing.

The taproom is small but full of character. The barrels are each named after famous fools in history, like Larry, Moe, and Shemp. I really hope to see this brewery expand over the next couple of years. I had seen them at different beer festivals and was glad to finally make it in to visit.


Foolproof Brewery
241 Grotto Ave
Pawtucket, RI

Thursday-Friday 4p.m.-7 p.m.
Saturday -Sunday 1 p.m.- 6p.m.