Wolf Pack of One


Located right across from the beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfboro, Lone Wolf Brewing Co. is definitely a must-stop if you’re vacationing in the lakes region or looking for a fun little trip.

One of the great things about Lone Wolf is you can bring your non-beer drinkers (blasphemy, i know) as they have a full bar as well. But who really wants friends like that?

The Blonde Ale was very smooth and had a slight hint of citrus. The Coffee Milk Stout was the traditional style with a tart underlying taste. Citra IPA is exactly how it sounds, a light IPA with grapefruit, which is perfect for a summer day while hanging out at the lake. Finally Dippah, the DIPA, had a complex taste with bitter tropical notes, but very drinkable.

Lone Wolf also has a great food menu. Do yourself a favor a grab one of their pretzels as well. I could eat the beer cheese with a spoon all day. With beautiful summer days coming up, make sure Lone Wolf Brewing is one your stops.


Lone Wolf Brewing
36 Mill St
Wolfeboro, NH



Have a Blast(y Bough)



I have never had more of a welcoming and home-like feeling at a brewery than I did at Blasty Bough Brewing. Yeah, say that five times fast. Opened just in February, this brewery is already making a name for itself at McClary Hill Farm in Epsom, NH.

Dave, the owner, is a jack of all trades. He built the brewery (which was meant to be a farm store), brews all of the beer, and he’s the guy pouring the beer. On top of that, Dave is the one that sets that welcoming feeling the minute you walk in.

With a U-shaped bar, it’s easy to start conversations with other people at the bar and everyone in the brewery ends up talking to each other.

Aside from a great atmosphere, the beers are incredible as well.

The Farmer’s Alchemy was one of the best saisons I’ve ever had. The complexity of it definitely made it stand out. In one sip you could have a little tartness, some spice, and a little sweetness. Isabella McCoy’s Choice, a robust porter, had an underlying smokiness to compliment a roasted chocolate malt. The Echo Valley Alt was a very light and refreshing beer. The 1933 was a traditional kolsch with a great crisp and slight spice. Tiny Trailer Pale would make the perfect beer for a hot summer day as the juiciness was very refreshing. Boonie Cruiser IPA was a NE IPA with bursts of tropical notes and a slight bitterness. Finally, the Fort Mountain DIPA had a perfect balance of floral and citrus hops lending to a sweet and bitter taste. In all, this flight was very solid and impressive for a brewery that just opened its doors.

As I left the brewery, I just kept telling my boyfriend how much I just loved this place and the vibe. I’ve never felt more at home at a brewery (and believe me, I go to A LOT). In the summer months, they’re hoping to open their decks to enjoy the beautiful farmland. You’ll definitely find me out there relaxing with some great beers.


Blasty Bough Brewing Co
3 Griffin Rd
Epsom, NH



Take Me Down to the Garrison City


where the grass ain’t green but the beers are pretty. 

Now I’ll tell you, there aren’t many things that can get me to Dover, NH, but Garrison City is definitely one of those things. This small, but lively taproom is located right in the heart of town. They have been slowly making a name for themselves but I still feel like they are underrated as they have some of the best beers in the state in my opinion.

The Hygge Lyfe, an Imperial Belgain Stout, is not a beer that I would normally be drawn to but the flavors of cinnamon, chocolate and currents are perfectly balanced to create a solid beer. The Burn the Car and Save the Plates had me right from the start as I recognized those Lumineers lyrics. This Kolsch was a traditional style with a smooth, crisp taste. Now I’m not a big sour person, but I have been finding more and more that I like; Spindrift is no exception. This sour with rose and salt flavor did not kick you in the tongue as much as many other sours do. It was very easy to drink.

Now onto the IPAs, which I think are Garrison City’s best beers. The Starter Jacket was a dank, floral IPA which was a great beer. My favorites, though, had to be Tesselate and Equilibrium. Tesselate tasted exactly like an orange creamsicle. This creamy, orange-y IPA melted in your mouth and could drink this over and over again. The Equilibrium, on the other hand, was full of peach, mango, and lemon creating a flavor-filled juice bomb. Finally, the String Theory, was a Pale Ale with what Garrison calls “the kitchen sink of hops.” With a combination of so many hops you get a slightly floral, slightly citrus flavor, making a flavor-filled beer.

Garrison City is definitely a must-stop in New Hampshire if you’re looking for a quality juice bomb.

455 Central Ave
Dover, NH


(Pipe) Dream Team

When you think about finding your Pipe Dream, Londonderry isn’t usually your first thought. But hidden in back of the airport, you’ll find a wave of gnarly brews.

Pipe Dream Brewing has quickly become one of my new favorite breweries, though I wish I lived closer to it (Though it did’t stop me from going back to back days)! Keeping with that laid back surfer vibe, this place makes you just want to stay all day. The outside area has a couple picnic tables, ladderball, and of course, cornhole. And the best part, it’s extremely dog friendly. If lawn games aren’t your thing (but really, who doesn’t love them?), there’s shuffleboard and pinball inside. If you time it right, there’ll also be some live music playing.

Accompanied with fun throwback surfer and motorcycle cartoons, Pipe Dream has some great named beers that just so happen to taste great too. The Naked 3 Sum IPA was a darker IPA with a melon and pine taste. It was a pretty good IPA. The Hue Heffy was definitely my favorite of the bunch as it was light, hazy and very refreshing with the classic banana and clove taste with a little extra sweetness. The Bombshell Brown, though I’m not much of a dark beer person, had great caramel flavoring with a little bite with it.  The Rip Curl Saison was also a solid beer with a light, citrus and melon taste with just enough spice.

I can’t wait to go back already as they have so many different, juicier IPAs in their rotation and that’s my weakness. Aside from the beers, you have to check out their food. I got the loaded nachos and they were incredible. Topped with chicken, guac, salsa, cheese and more. I didn’t get a chance to try the pizza but if it tastes anything like it looked…


Pipe Dream Brewing
49 Harvey Rd
Londonderry, NH

Wednesday-Saturday 12 p.m.- 8p.m.
Sunday 12 p.m.- 5p.m.



This is the (Great) Rhythm of the Night

There’s no beer that I love more in life that a nice Juice Bomb. Juice Bombs, commonly referred to as New England-style IPAs have been bursting onto the craft beer scene and becoming some of the most sought after beers. Perfected by Trillium, Bissell Brothers, and more, these juice bombs are exactly what they sound like, hazy IPAs packed with fruit flavors. AKA my second most need on a summer day. The first being a sunscreen to save the Irish, but no one’s perfected that yet.

Great Rhythm in my backyard of Portsmouth, NH prides itself on making a number of New England-style IPAs and have quickly become a favorite of New England beer drinkers.

If you want a variety of types of beers, Great Rhythm may not be for you, but if you love IPAs, it’s worth a stop. Squeeze, hopped with Mosaic, is a melon flavored IPA with a strong after taste. I’m not the biggest fan of melon but it’s pretty good. Sticky, the heaviest in my opinion,  has more of an earthy, orange taste. Tropical Haze, as the name suggests, is packed of citrusy flavors such as passionfruit and guava but doesn’t quite hit the haze part. Still a great, drinkable beer and would definitely have a couple again. Hi-Fi had the taste of a DIPA but was only equal to a IPA, which was very deceiving but citrus and earthy notes combine for a solid beer. Finally, I had been mostly  looking forward to trying out the West End IPA and it lived up to the hype. This IPA was very hazy and very drinkable, again with citrus flavor.

With the recent upset of Portsmouth’s most beloved restaurants departing (cough, my Coat of Arms and Blue Mermaid), the West End  is taking advantage and becoming the up and coming spot. Great Rhythm is at the center of all of it. Overlooking the river, the outside is a great spot to grab some beers and enjoy Portsmouth. Plus, the tourists are confined to downtown so it’s a nice break. As an IPA lover, this place is very solid but I’d like to see what else they can do. I like to see breweries experiment with different types of beers. Show me what ya got Great Rhythm. 

Make sure to add Great Rhythm to your Portsmouth beer adventure or if you’re sick of waiting in the miles of traffic headed to “Vacation Land” up north. They make excellent road sodas (as a passenger, of course).


Great Rhythm
105 Bartlett St
Portsmouth. NH

Wednesday-Thursday 12p.m.-6p.m.
Friday-Saturday 12p.m.-8p.m.


Whatever Floats Your Moat


Tucked away in the beautiful White Mountains, you’ll find one of the best breweries in New Hampshire. Everything about this brewery screams northern New Hampshire. I mean with a view like that, Moat definitely is the most scenic brewery.

As for the beers, Moat’s flights are like a long gondola to the top of the mountain. The Square Tail Stout was one of the most drinkable stouts I’ve ever had. The coffee notes were perfectly balanced with chocolate.  Bone Shaker Brown is the next level down with a light, caramel taste for a brown ale. The IPA, East Intervale IPA, blasts with floral and citrus tastes. Such a great IPA! I need to find more. Iron Mike Pale Ale, unlike the name suggests, is a much tamer pale ale with crisp grapefruit hues.

Moving to the lighter of the brews, the Czech Pilsner is very light bodied and crisp beer that would be best for anyone looking for their everyday beer that they can crack open. As far as blueberry beers go, I’ve never really gotten into them, until Miss V’s Blueberry. I was renting a beach house with some friends over the summer and my friend said I needed to try it. Before I knew it, I was asking for more and more of it. I was addicted. Even as snow covered the ground, this still tastes just like summer. It’s nice to pretend when you’re wrapped in a million layers, right? With a name like Hell Yeah! Helles Lager, you know this is going to be a good beer. Like the Pilsner, the Helles Lager is the perfect beer for the regular beer drinker. Finally, the Hoffman Weiss was perfect with hints of banana and cloves in this cloudy unfiltered beer. Heaven in a glass.

Much like heading down the mountain, you want to head back up and do it all over again. And much like me trying to snowboard, because admittedly I’ve never skied, I’m hurting halfway down the second time. Yeah, I’m more of the sit in the lodge and drink kind of girl.

Judging by the size of the flights, you’d expect their food menu to be the same. Wrong, it was more. I could spend days there because there was so many different things I wanted to try. But let me tell you, get the Hush Puppies. THE BEST. I’m craving them so bad as I write this.


Moat Mountain
3378 White Mountain Highway Rt 16
North Conway, NH

Open 11 a.m. til “Last Call”