This is the (Great) Rhythm of the Night

There’s no beer that I love more in life that a nice Juice Bomb. Juice Bombs, commonly referred to as New England-style IPAs have been bursting onto the craft beer scene and becoming some of the most sought after beers. Perfected by Trillium, Bissell Brothers, and more, these juice bombs are exactly what they sound like, hazy IPAs packed with fruit flavors. AKA my second most need on a summer day. The first being a sunscreen to save the Irish, but no one’s perfected that yet.

Great Rhythm in my backyard of Portsmouth, NH prides itself on making a number of New England-style IPAs and have quickly become a favorite of New England beer drinkers.

If you want a variety of types of beers, Great Rhythm may not be for you, but if you love IPAs, it’s worth a stop. Squeeze, hopped with Mosaic, is a melon flavored IPA with a strong after taste. I’m not the biggest fan of melon but it’s pretty good. Sticky, the heaviest in my opinion,  has more of an earthy, orange taste. Tropical Haze, as the name suggests, is packed of citrusy flavors such as passionfruit and guava but doesn’t quite hit the haze part. Still a great, drinkable beer and would definitely have a couple again. Hi-Fi had the taste of a DIPA but was only equal to a IPA, which was very deceiving but citrus and earthy notes combine for a solid beer. Finally, I had been mostly  looking forward to trying out the West End IPA and it lived up to the hype. This IPA was very hazy and very drinkable, again with citrus flavor.

With the recent upset of Portsmouth’s most beloved restaurants departing (cough, my Coat of Arms and Blue Mermaid), the West End  is taking advantage and becoming the up and coming spot. Great Rhythm is at the center of all of it. Overlooking the river, the outside is a great spot to grab some beers and enjoy Portsmouth. Plus, the tourists are confined to downtown so it’s a nice break. As an IPA lover, this place is very solid but I’d like to see what else they can do. I like to see breweries experiment with different types of beers. Show me what ya got Great Rhythm. 

Make sure to add Great Rhythm to your Portsmouth beer adventure or if you’re sick of waiting in the miles of traffic headed to “Vacation Land” up north. They make excellent road sodas (as a passenger, of course).


Great Rhythm
105 Bartlett St
Portsmouth. NH

Wednesday-Thursday 12p.m.-6p.m.
Friday-Saturday 12p.m.-8p.m.