So (Re) Me

Tucked in the back of a parking lot on Rt. 1 in York, ME, sits a small brewery with a lot of character and a lot of flavor. SoMe Brewery is a Rt 1 hidden gem. Blink and you may miss it.

This small taproom feels like a great community of people meeting up to grab beers or hanging out at the tables outside. Some nights there’s music and some nights there’s comedy. There’s always something going on at SoMe. If not, there’s always the fooseball table or test out your artistic skills on the giant chalkboard.

The first beer that caught my eye was the Whoopie Pie Stout. I’m not much of a stout person, but i definitely am a Whoopie Pie person. This stout was very light with a slight crisp bite to it. The chocolate, cream notes mixed perfectly for this smooth “dessert-like” beer. I had previously had the Apostrophe IPA and have to say, this is my favorite beer from SoMe. The mosaic hops give it a citrusy, bitter taste which makes for a nice refreshing, hazy brew. The Mainely Pale Ale is a true Maine beer as it all locally sourced ingredients giving it an earthy taste. The El Dorado, as the name suggests, is hopped with El Dorardo, which isn’t my favorite type of hop but this beer was pretty good. To me, El Dorado hops are a more bitter and deeper tasting hop rather than a light, citrus type that I enjoy. Finally the Crystal Persuasion was the DIPA. This DIPA tastes of a spice and pine and a malty undertone.

This a great place to stop and grab a beer or two on your way up to Portland or down to Portsmouth.  If you’re not looking to go far, grab a flight on your way back from a long day battling the tourists at the beaches. Because we all know we need a couple after dealing with them, nevermind their driving abilities. The staff is always so nice and it feels more like a community than anything.


SoMe Brewery
1 York St, Unit 3
York, ME

Open daily at 12